RF Welders and Catheter Tipping Systems


Automated High Frequency Sealing

Only Execellence in Design and Performance

ONEX RF specializes in modular automated HF Sealing lines for

Medical and Automotive Applications.

High frequency sealing

We design and manufacture custom High Frequency sealing machines as per customers' specific product requirements. We bring over 25 years of experience in assembly automation and automated HF welding applications. We have over 20 modular solutions, to construct the concept design in weeks time saving time and money for our customers. Contact us for your high volume production needs to produce HF welded IV bags, HF Sealed Urine Pouches with top ports and HF sealed ET feed bags or Infusion bags with top and bottom ports..

The RF-Galaxy-X2 is custom HF sealing machines that demonstrate modular unwind station, die cut, print stations, two HF weld stations and unload conveyor.

ONEX RF sealers are designed to produce 1,000 to 3,000 articles/hr. The HF sealing line is fully automated and requires minimum operators for product handling or component loading.

ONEX RF High Frequency Sealing Lines may include the following modules:

  • Multi-layer film handling
  • Hole punching or die cutting
  • Component feed, orient and conveying
  • Printing (flexographic, silk screening and ribbon printing)
  • HF welder for Ports (Flange or tube sealing between layers)
  • HF welder for Perimeter of the bag (Flat Seal and Tear Seal)
  • Die Cutting and separation
  • Vision inspection
  • Final Stacking.