RF Welders and Catheter Tipping Systems


How Long Do Changeovers Take You?


(Way Too Long)

The Average Changeover Can Take Hours and Dramatically Slow Down Your Production Process.





5 Minutes
(Faster And Easier)

Complete Changeovers on an ONEX RF Catheter Tipping Machine In Justs Minutes. No Tools Required!

How Can You Increase Tipping Production.. With a Lower Cost?
The ONEX RF Tip Former Outperforms Traditional RF Tip Formers In Production Time, Ease of Use, Reliability, and Bottom – Line Profitability.

ONEX RF Offers catheter tipping machines combining superior design and powered by solid state generators. The ONEX machine produces more reliable results and has far less downtime than standard RF machines.

Our Superior Technology Offers Several Advantages:

Less Cycle Time: perfect tuned coils give us reduced heat time, below 1 second and cooling time is reduced by placing individual vortex tubes near each die.

Cut Changeover Time: the smart tube clamp mechanism and die cassette make it possible to start and complete changeovers (without wrenches or special tools) in less than 5 minutes.

Heating Zone Optimization: A simple knob allows you to adjust the die in and out of the coil to the optimal heating zone.


Traditional Welders require a substantial amount of time to complete changeovers. Then, once the changeover is complete, the results are unreliable. Their design also requires several more seconds to allow the die to cool down, decreasing productivity. With a traditional RF tipping machine, you have a slower, less reliable product that takes far too long to operate.

Had Enough With Long Changeovers? Done With Inconsistent Results?
It’s Time For a DRAMATIC Upgrade.

The ONEX RF Tipping systems eliminate the biggest problems most manufacturers have with traditional tip forming machines.

Call to See How the ONEX RF Systems Beat Traditional Machines In Productivity, Ease of Use, and Profitability.