RF Welders and Catheter Tipping Systems


ONEX RF Catheter Tip Forming Machines 
Are Quantifiably Better Than Your Current Machine

Reduce Changeover Time From Hours to Under Five Minutes

The ONEX RF catheter tip former’s superior design allows operators to complete changeovers in just minutes. In fact, operators don’t need any wrenches or special tools – changeovers on an ONEX RF machine are done by hand. Within five minutes or less, you can be back up and running

Complete Validation In a Fraction of the

Your competitors with their old catheter tipping machines may require days if not weeks to define process parameters by adjusting a setting here and there, sometimes even bending the coil out of shape. However, with an ONEX RF machine, you can complete the IQ, OQ and PQ processes in fraction of the time.

The ONEX RF systems provide the flexibility to adjust what’s needed to achieve the best results in forming the catheter, and actually record the actual position of the forming stroke and die distance from the coil to be as part of the validated parameters. The result is that you will always repeat the exact process parameters in a matter of minutes. Your competitors will still spend too much time working on finding the correct process parameters, and you will be able to recall recorded settings and move forward into production, and that affects your bottom line.


Unbeatable Process Control

ONEX RF controls allow operators to “see” the process in a visual display screen, and to make adjustments on the touch screen interface. ONEX RF remote assist feature allows us to remotely connect your tipping system from our office and provide quick assistance when needed. This is how we can give you more time to concentrate on production rather than trying to make things work by tryal and error.

Find out how replacing your old machine with
an ONEX RF Catheter Tip Forming machine can
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