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Four ways ONEX RF Welders can make your life easier:

Closed Loop Power Control

After some period of time the RF generator oscillator tubes start degrading. As it looses the ability to maintain the set power level, the users are forced to make changes in power or time settings to achieve same quality seal.

We have designed our generators to automatically sense the drop of the power level and electronically adjust the system for the same power level. This is a great option for Medical and Automotive product RF Sealing applications, where customers can rely on the generators performance at all time.

Dynamic Process Tuning

ONEX RF sealers come with automatic tuner. When using classic RF sealers, slight variation in material thickness can cause arcs, overmelts and other process related variations. ONEX RF sealers automatically tune and eliminate any mismatch between the generator and the sealing die. ONEX RF Sealers offer excellent process consistency and high energy efficiency during the seal cycle with any given material variations.

Arc Detection Circuit

When an operator forgets to load a product or a component, a traditional welder will normally arc and cause major die damage that can cost thousands of dollars. Instead, the ONEX RF sealers detect and stop the RF output before an arc can damage the die. Our RF systems don't require any arc sensitivity adjustment eliminating operator error.  Think about it, you can save a lot of money just in die repair costs and down time caused by arcs.

Latest FDA process validation requirements

It's a common practice in the medical industry to validate the traditional RF sealers several times, they are just inconsistent and don't come with proper process monitoring system. Just imagine your RF sealer would plot a graph of the power and time versus watching a jumping needle on the amp meter trying to capture the process variations. ONEX RF sealers record process parameters and automatically save for SPC. It's the best visual tool to this date to monitor your RF sealing process and set and challenge your process limits as per FDA latest validation requirements.

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ONEX RF Hybrid Generator technology is a great improvement over the traditional RF welders, resulting in process consistency, $0 need for die repair and greater energy efficiency.

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