RF Welders and Catheter Tipping Systems


Why Are You Using 1957 Technology
To Power Your RF Welder

About 97% of All RF Welders in North America are Powered by
Outdated, Obsolete, Oscillator Tube Technology

We often get asked how we to improve the performance of RF welders. Almost without exception, those asking the questions employ an RF welder that’s powered by oscillator tube technology. Here are the symptoms of using this outdated technology:

  • Arcing is common
  • Weld failure rates of 25-45%
  • Long changeover times
  • Overheating die / Work stoppage
  • Burned die (as often as once or twice a week)
  • High operating costs / energy demands
Five years ago these problems may have been unavoidable. The efficiency of RF welders made up for the weaknesses. However, the technology has changed. The oscillator tube RF welders that perform vital functions in the production processes of so many manufacturers have become so outdated and inferior that it no longer makes sense to hold on to these obsolete machines.

The Hidden Costs of Your Current RF Welder Could Exceed 500k / Year

If you do some basic math you will quickly realize that the cost of continuing to use your current RF welders is too high. Consider the cost of replacing burned dies alone: if arcing problems burn a die each week, you can end up replacing about 50 in a year. If a replacement die costs $10,000 then you are paying half a million dollars per year on die replacements. Now add the cost of work stoppage due to arcing and overheating the die. Add the cost of wasted materials. Then add the cost of the additional energy it takes to run the old-fashioned RF welders, which is about twice the energy cost of a ONEX RF welding technology. The numbers don't lie: your old RF welder is simply too expensive. It must be replaced.

Solid State RF Welders Can Provide
Double Your Money Back In Just One Year!

The solid state battery that powers the ONEX RF welder provides a precise, clean weld. It virtually eliminates arc problems. Because the ONEX machine's steady power produces superior welds, there is no more 25-45% waste; it slashes what you have to spend on materials as it increases production. It virtually eliminates the problems that keep the cost of operating standard RF welders at $250,000 to $500,000 per year. When properly tuned, the ONEX RF Welder can pay for itself in just a few months. ONEX machines are a better value for your dollar.

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Onik Bogosyan

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ONEX RF hybrid generator technology is superior to traditional welders, resulting in less downtime, less die repair and greater productivity.

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