RF Welders and Catheter Tipping Systems


ONEX RF Catheter Tip Formers Can DOUBLE Your Productivity

ONEX RF Catheter Tip Formers Outperform the Competition In Changeover Time,
Validation, Formed Tip Consistency, and More.

With ONEX RF Machines, Your Operators Could Literally Double Their Productivity.
Imagine What That Could Do To Your Bottom Line!

This Isn't Like Any Other Tip Forming Machine You’ve Seen Before. It's A Game Changer.


The medical products industry is increasingly competitive. Everyone wants a better product, for less money… and that’s not going to change.

Any serious contender in the market must either improve their operations, or be pushed out of the market. ONEX RF catheter tip formers are precisely what are required to not just stay competitive, but thrive in the future market.

ONEX RF Machine Advantages Include:

Tube Clamp & Die Holding Mechanism

Changeovers can take hours as operators wrestle to finish the process with their old machines. Our patent-pending design features a clamp and die holding mechanism that allows operators to cut changeovers from three to five hours, to just three to five minutes

Validation Ready PC Based Interface:

The ONEX RF machine allows operators to save “recipes” so that process parameters can be recalled at the push of a button. Your engineer can complete the IQ, OQ, and PQ processes while your competitors rely on the old, manual, “black magic” method that wastes product and valuable time.

Greater Forming Consistency:

Operators have unparalleled ability to adjust Dies and fine tune the machine to identify the optimal heat zone, and to achieve a reduced heat cycle time. The ONEX RF machine also allows the operator to record the Die position in the machine's computer (HMI) for easy recall and process repeatability.

Finely Tuned Results With a Tough-As-Nails Machine:

You may have run into problems with other tip formers that break down. They constantly need repairs. The old machines are just not built to stand up under the harsh conditions that exist in modern manufacturing. When you lose any downtime due to repairs, and you can't get that time back. ONEX RF machines are built for heavy duty manufacturing environments. They stand up to the stress of longer work days and greater production demands. They weigh nearly twice as much as competitors' models. Which machine do you think will stand up better to the demands of production?

Which Tip Former Do You Think Will Give You The Best Chance of Winning New Business In the Future?

Read The Case Studies and Judge yourself on How ONEX RF Can Solve Some Truly Challenging Catheter Tipping Applications:

Request your complimentary information guide that includes multiple case studies demonstrating innovative applications of RF technology. See how we used our solid-state and Hybrid RF sealing technologies.

The case studies will show you our strength, knowledge in various applications and how we can help you modify and improve upon your production process by implementing this powerful new technology.

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