RF Welding Systems with Superior Process Control

RF Welding Systems Theory of Operations Training Seminars

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RF Sealing Training Seminars

RF Welding Training Seminar

RF Welding Systems Training Seminars

ONEX RF offers RF training seminars at ONEX RF or at customer's site.

Through our seminars, we have helped numerous customers to gain knowledge about RF Sealing Technology and be able to intelligently optimize their sealing processes.


The RF training is divided into 2 day sections:

  • The first day is focused on building basic knowledge on Electromagnetic Waves and the use of RF Energy to heat plastic materials, 
  • The second day is focused on RF electronics, construction of RF Sealers and how the optimize the RF sealing process.
  • Optional third day is more advanced and hands on class for training higher level engineers on troubleshooting the RF generators, tuning the sealing dies and impedance matching.

Condensed 1 day RF Sealing Seminars:

ONEX also conducts one day seminars on RF Sealing systems and Hybrid RF Generators, operating principles and how to validate RF sealing processes.

Sign up for our seminar here or contact us directly to learn more:
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