RF Welding Systems with Superior Process Control

RF Welding Tech Support

Remote Service & Support

Fast diagnostics on ONEX RF systems. No travel required.

We recognize how important it is to resolve technical issues as quickly as possible. Therefore, we have implemented a process for addressing our customers’ needs remotely and in a timely manner.

The process includes a remote diagnostic of the ONEX RF system through an ethernet connection, which could lead to simple solution to save time and travel costs.



RF Welding Service

ONEX RF has over 20 years of technical skills and experience to support your needs. Whether your sealer is down or is operating inefficiently, we can remotely connect to the RF sealer and monitor RF Sealing Graph. By making a few parameter adjustment we can tune system or narrow down the cause and get you up and running quickly.

ONEX RF Solid State technology and our patent pending software platform allows us to remotely monitor and assist our customers when setting up new dies or materials. We can monitor the RF welding graphs while customer performs weld cycles and perform fine process tuning to increase procesess efficiency and reduce cycle time and define optimum process parameters.

Catheter Tipping Service

Catheter Tip forming machines utilize various processes that work together in harmony to produce an excellent product consistently. From time to time, machines can break down, we can remotely connect to the system and monitor the the process graph to narrows down the issues. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, we provide on site customer support and assistance.

PLC Programming Support

In most cases the system problems are sensor or mechanical related, hardly you will need software level help or reprogramming on the other hand the problems can easily be identified through the PLC program. Through our Remote Assist program we are able to remotely connect to the machines operating system and find the cause of system malfunction.

ONEX RF Commitment to Excellence

ONEX Automation has been regarded as a small automation company with great ideas. Our culture has always been to get the job done with a unique solution that is a step above the competition.  We continue the same culture in design and manufacturing of RF Welding, RF Heat Sealing and Catheter Tipping Systems. We take great pride in servicing our customers with the highest level of integrity, consistency, and perfect solutions.

We really enjoy the fact that our customers keep coming back for new RF system and take advantage of advancements in technology offered by us, which proves ONEX RF's commitment to excellence.