RF Welding Systems with Superior Process Control

RF Sealing Process Monitoring

RF Sealing Process Control

All ONEX RF sealers have the ability to plot the RF sealing cycle showing the forward System Main Screen.pngand reflected powers and tune and load capacitors' behavior in a graphical form but the standard graph is continuous and a few seconds later it disappears from the screen unless you pause the graph. 

Recording RF Sealing Process Graph

ONEX RF offers a plug in software to monitor and record the RF welding cycles. We originally created the software to compare the cycles in order to optimize the efficiency of RF energy, later it became a vital tool for detecting rejected products and analyzing the graph to get to the root cause.

  • ONEX RF process control software is designed to collect data from the RF sealing process.
  • It detects incomplete seals and arcs to tag the product for reject.
  • During each RF welding cycle the process data is recorded and saved for 2 weeks for future reference.
  • The recorded files can be transferred for SPC analyses
  • The graph is an excellent visual tool to compare the RF seal cycles to optimize seal quality during validation.

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