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RF Welding Science

Medical and Biotech RF Welding Applications

ONEX RF offers a unique Process Control System that replaces the traditional methods, manual dial adjustments and guess work.

ONEX RF systems have many advantages over their predecessors. The closed loop process control monitors the power efficiency and dynamically tunes the process, resulting in a consistent way of sealing the product. The system is also capable of accepting or rejecting the sealed product based on energy usage.

The control software provides unparalleled method to monitor and collect RF power process data, which is ploted on a screen as a histogram enabling the operator to make proper adjustments to improve process efficiency.

Our Software Increases Productivity and Control

The unique process control gives you the ability to monitor the day to day operations and perform SPC functions. The process engineer can use these data to compare cycles and identify the best peformance parameters for future improvements.

ONEX RF Sealers Improve Efficiency and Cut Costs

ONEX RF sealers are far more efficient than traditional RF welders, they use up to 50% less power. The RF Oscilator circuit is designed to turn off the output energy faster than the traditional RF sealers, this results in saving the dies from damage due to arcs. These features will drastically improve your productivity, reduce down time and reduce operating costs.

Replace yor "Black Magic" RF Sealer with ONEX RF