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Case Studies - Catheter Tip Forming

ONEX RF Catheter Tipping Machine Is Just What Manufacturer Wanted 

 What We Do :

We are a catheter manufacturer in Mexico.

 My Personal Experience:

The original equipment we purchased for catheter tipping was an excellent machine, but as our business grew and the machine aged, we realized that we needed to upgrade from our original catheter tipping machine. 

We have a hard working staff and we work sometimes nearly around the clock in order to maximize production. It was critical that we find a machine that would be efficient and that would be “problem free.” 

How we chose a Vendor

We sought out a number of manufacturers and received bids for machines from three of the best known manufacturers in the industry. 

Then, we met with ONEX RF and showed them our process. The ONEX team analyzed and identified several ways they could innovate the process and develop a mechanically superior machine that would be easier to use, have a stronger frame, and would optimize productivity.


  • The results were impressive: in addition to the innovative design and improved technology, the ONEX machine came with a warranty that extended a full year longer than other machines.
  • After reviewing all the bids, we determined that the ONEX RF machine was not the least expensive, but the machine was the best option for us.


We have been very happy with the result; the ONEX RF Tipping machine is very easy to use, extremely easy to adjust, it is very strong and durable, and, in short, it has been exactly what we needed: it’s what I call a “No Problems Machine.”

 -       Gerardo Moreno

RF Tip Forming System

ONEX RF has developed a new RF Tip Forming and RF Hole Punching systems which utilizes patenting design features that deliver unparalleled benefits to our customers.