RF Welding Systems with Superior Process Control



ONEX RF Inc. is a spun off company of ONEX Automation.

ONEX Automation was established in 1991. ONEX was specialized in design and manufacturing custom automated assembly machines, robotic and inspection systems. ONEX Automation has served the medical device and automotive industries.

In 2007 ONEX Automation had the opportunity to design their first RF Sealer for sealing small medical pouches. As we learned more about RF technology and industries needs we decided to develop new RF sealing and catheter tipping systems and be the number in the industry.

Before year 2007, for over 40 years the RF plastic forming industry has offered the same RF technology with no major change or improvement.

Customers have produced millions of products using old RF welders with ocsillator tube technology, which was known as Black Box, it was hard to maintain and always relied on 3rd party to fix any isue that would arise.

They just didn't have another choice but jumping from one supplier to another. same results.

We stumbled upon the RF industry in 2007 from high speed automation industry.

The RF technology was a black magic and no one wanted to teach us.

We spent a lot of time in research of the RF technology, systems used in the industry, and with the help of our customers we gained in depth knowledge about the RF systems. Today we have two product lines, the RF Sealing systems and Catheter Tip forming system with superior process control .

Check out our RF Welding Systems and Catheter Tip Forming Systems below.

In 2010 we spun off ONEX RF Automation Inc, later it was renamed ONEX RF, Inc.

In 2013 we introduced our first Hybrid RF generator technology, and developed our own solid state generators for the catheter tip forming systems.

We now design and manufacture all the RF system in house, including the RF generators, Auto Tuners and Control Systems.

ONEX RF systems are built to meet the highest energy efficiency and safety standards in the industry.

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