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Innovative excellence is the driving force behind the ONEX RF brand.

We partner with clients and help them with Process Automation for products that require RF heating forming or bonding applications.

That being said, ONEX RF is a group of highly qualified and competent engineers who act as an
extension to the clients’ R&D, process development and manufacturing groups.

ONEX RF Automation has been involved in high speed process automation since 1991.

Since 2007 our corporate focus changed and we started producing systems that require high frequency technologies in the plastic forming and bonding applications, mainly for the medical device manufacturing industry.

ONEX RF is a vertically integrated company capable of designing and manufacturing all the electronics and mechanical component in-house, which helps us react fast to customer needs and be the fastest solution provider in the industry for standard and custom RF Welding and RF Forming applications.

ONEX RF serves as a lifelong manufacturing partner for our clients, ensuring the timely and successful completion of their time sensitive projects.



1991 - Establishment of Company

ONEX Automation started as a consulting company providing engineering services that included mechanical, controls system design and programming. Shortly after several successful projects, ONEX name became popular and we were designing and manufacturing automated systems with team of 4-5 engineers.

The Red Toolbox has been around since 1991 carrying the most important tools for our projects at that time.

2001 - Establishment of ONEX Enterprises Corp.

ONEX Enterprises Corp. was established as an umbrella company for DBA ONEX Automation.

ONEX Automation was designing and manufacturing high speed automated assembly machines, robotic and inspection systems for the medical device manufacturing companies. 

2005 - New Larger Facility

2004 was a record year for us and we grew from 15 to 30 people overnight and we had to move to a much larger building to finish 22 machines for multiple clients. In 2005 ONEX Automation moves to a newer facility even then we were building the machines outside and moving in at night.

2007 - The First RF Welder Project

In late 2006 one of our happy customers forced us into designing an RF welding machine. We new nothing about RF welding and we hired one of the leading RF welder manufacturers in US to help us with the generator and welding process. At first they were very promising, but after several attempts they failed in the prototype stage and dropped the project with no further support.

That's when we turned to 3KRF who really put a great effort providing us solid state RF generator technology, which helped us complete the project successfully.

2009 - The First RF Tipping Project

In late 2009 we designed our first RF tipping machine.

At that time we bough 3rd party RF generator and one of our friends from the industry helped us perfect the process to complete the project successfully.

2010 - Established ONEX RF Corp.

As we started developing more and more RF heat sealing and catheter forming systems for unique customers that did not care about our lack of experience in the RF technology rather they trusted our capabilities and belied that we will give them the best solution no matter what. We saw a need to have the term RF in our company name because it was difficult to expend our market since it was a very specialized industry with tribal knowledge and experience requirements.

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