RF Catheter Forming Machine

Theory of Operations

ONEX RF may seem to be a new name in the industry of RF  Catheter Forming, yet ONEX Automation was known as a great automation company that designed and manufactured assembly processes for the medical device industry since 1991.

When we built our first RF tipping machine we had little knowledge about the overall process and we had to feel the pain points of our customers to be able to design a system that eliminated many process variations. We had experience in induction heating process but form plastic was a new area for us and could not find any company that was willing to train us. Now days, things haven't changed much, maximum training you will get is how to push a few buttons and change process parameters.
We learned about how the RF technology is applied for melting bonding or forming plastic products the hard way. And today, we design and manufacture our own RF generators and we don't mind teaching our clients what we learned throughout the years.

For RF Catheter forming systems we offer 1 day condensed training seminar. If customers are interested in learning more about our RF Generator Technology and Coil Tuning we offer the 2nd day hands on training at ONEX RF.

RF Welding Training Seminar

  • The 1st day will be focused on understanding the Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic Induction Heating principles.
  • Then we will focus on the proper design of molds, controlling the heat zone to form good parts.
  • Based on the engineering group capabilities we may cover how the RF electronics work, which will support the hands on course when learning about the RF generator and coil tuning.
  • Optional 2nd day is more advanced and hands on class for training higher level engineers on RF generator basics, troubleshooting, Die and Coil tuning using different size dies and shapes.
Generator BGF

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