Onsite System

Service & Support

ONEX RF Team offers field service and support on all ONEX  manufactured RF welding systems.
If you are experiencing issues with the RF Welding or catheter forming process or machines please contact us right away. We will try to resolve the issue over the phone with your onsite trained technicians or engineers. If it requires us to travel and fix the system our technical team is ready to do so when you need it.


Contact Information and Hours of Operation

Phone:     1(626)358-6639
Hours:       7:30am-6:00pm
Days:         Monday- Friday
Saturdays  9:30am-3:30pm

Call us and we will help you


ONEX RF is Always Developing New Systems

As we bring new controls or software we always inform our customers for available new upgrades. As our engineers design new systems based on new requirements we suggest our customers for available new options that can improve their existing process. In many cases we try to make things compatible in order to offer the upgrade to all our customers.
Weather it's software or Electronic Controls, we  can send our Service Techs to upgrade the system. Some upgrades may cost additional money, which will include replacement of entire control board and software to match the latest system revisions. 

Available Upgrades

Recently we introduced the following new features on our systems.

Catheter Tippers

  • Software Rev. 11.1
  • Process Data Recording
  • Die-Coil-Material Recording 
  • Dual Pressure Smooth Slide Control

RF Welders

  • Process Data Collection
  • Data Transfer for Audit
  • All hand wiring is converted to PCB-PLC Direct connect modules.