Hybrid RF Generator For

Arc-Free RF Welding Machines


The Hybrid RF Generator is controlled by a 0-10VDC control signal to generate the required RF Power with closed-loop feedback.

The 1st stage solid-state driver amplifier outputs up to 600 watts at 27.12MHz, which is amplified 20 times by (a high mu power triode) vacuum tube amplifier generating up to 10KW power. The RF generator is tuned to a 50-ohm load. ONEX RF welders use an auto-tuner to match the load impedance during the RF welding process.

Typical Benefits

  • Extremely Fast Arc Shut Down
  • No issues with product size variations
  • No issues with different materials or thicknesses
  • Easy to control and monitor power
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    Closed Loop

Hybrid RF Generator Basic Specs

24 x 32"


No Die Damage Guaranteed

Fast Arc Shut-Down

4 - 10 KWatt

RF Generator Power

1000 watt Solid State RF Generator


27.12 MHz Solid State RF Generator

ONEX RF proudly designs and manufactures all the system electronics and RF amplifiers at Duarte, CA, USA.

The Solid State amplifier is rated at 1000 watts output. We design our RF generators with 100% headroom, which means to generate the 10,000 watt RF power the solid state only puts out 500 watts. 

SSRFG-27-1k Features:

  • Operates on 0-10 vdc from PLC analog module
  • The amplifier uses RF sensor feedback to control final RF output power. 
  • Measures and converts the RF input to linear signal for PLC communication
  • Modular design is also used in our Catheter manufacturing systems at different frequency settings 6.78MHz and 13.56MHz

Generator Meter Panel

RF-Generator Meter Panel

RF Generator Meter Panel

The Generator Uses six meters to display generator operating conditions.

Meter Panel

  • Driving Voltage 0-10 vdc
  • RF Forward Power
  • RF Reflected Power
  • Tube Grid Current
  • Tube Plate Current
  • Tube Plate Voltage

RF Generator Control Panel

RF-Generator Control Panel

RF Generator Control and Indicator Panel

The Generator Uses Local and Remote Operation switches and indicator light.

The generator can be tested by running it in Local mode when generator is connected to a dummy load (50 ohm 10KW resistor). The indicator lights are lit green when all the internal devices and circuits are in perfect working condition. The system also uses limits for the Grid current, Plate current, and VSWR (Reflected Power Ratio), which are set at ONEX RF. If the system detects over current or high reflection it will automatically stop the generator output. The emergency circuit is connected in series with the RF welding system to stop generator power when E-Stop condition detected.


  • Local-Remote SSW
  • RF ON Time Control Timer Knob
  • RF Power 0-10 volt Control Knob
  • Hi-Voltage ON-OFF PB
  • RF Signal ON-OFF PB
  • E-Stop and Rest PB

RF Generator Fuse Panel

RF Generator Fuse Panel

RF Generator Fuse Protection Panel

The Generator Uses Breakers and fuses to protect the electronic circuits.

  • 100A Main Power Breaker
  • 7A Filament Transformer Fuse
  • 10A Air Blower Fuse
  • 5A Control Circuit PS Fuse

Portfolio of ONEX RF Welders

RF Welder Brochure Cover Page

RF Welding Solutions

ONEX RF offers various RF welding systems for the medical and automotive products manufacturers. 
Some of the products we have sealed in the past are blood, urine or other solution collection bags, and car seat air bladders.
View the brochure for more system options.

Other Services:

  • RF Welding Die Design and Fabrication
  • Sample Runs for Evaluation
  • Process Development
  • Validation Support

View RF Welder Brochure