Catheter Tip Forming System 2-up

The LX2 model is designed to form 2 standard length catheters with individual temperature control.

Dual Tip Forming Cassette

  • Straight-Tapered Tips
  • Rounded Tips
  • Rounded-Edge Tips
  • Hooded ET Tubes
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Quick Specs for 2-up Catheter Tip Forming System

Model No.



Distal End Forming

Proximal End Flaring

Product Size


0.1" - 2.5"

RF Generator

30-300 watts

6.78MHz Frequency

Control System

Allen Bradley PLC

7" Touch Screen PC HMI


100-240VAC / 15A /50-60Hz

80psi / 5bar Clean Dry Air (CDA)

Small Footprint

19" x 28" / 490mm x 720mm

Shipping Weight

89lb / 40kg


CE Marked

UL per request

Validation Support

Documents available for IQ, FAI, DOE

OQ at customer site per request

Operating Environment

65-95°F / 18-35°C

68% Max Humidity Non-Condensing

Max 2000m elevation

2-up Catheter Tipper Highlights

2.5Fr - 34Fr

French Sizes

0 - 2.5" / 0 - 60mm

Tip Lengths

Up to 450°C

Material Temps. (Tg)

8 300x300

Catheter Tippers

9 300x300

Catheter Tippers

6 300x300

Catheter Tippers

5 300x300

Catheter Tippers

11 300x300

Catheter Tippers

2 300x300

Catheter Tippers

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Forming 12Fr. rounded and bullet nose tips

12Fr Urinary Catheter

Customer Requirement:

Customer had purchased a 2-up tip forming system and had variations between one die to another. The system came with single coil and did not heat the dies evenly, and customer had to constantly tweak the coil to improve the forming process.

ONEX RF Solution:

We used our 2-up tipper, which uses individual RF generators for each die and created new dies with temperature feedback. Once we identified the process parameters we were forming perfect catheters every cycle. 

We offered the following solutions. 

  • CTF-807-LX2 with dual-die cassette to form rounded and bullet nose tips.
  • We designed and manufactured new dies and coils.
  • Helped the the customer validating the process.

Tip Forming 34F Endotracheal Tube

Tip Forming 34F Endotracheal Tube

Customer Requirement:

Customer was using old RF tipping system and had issues with setup and process consistency.

ONEX RF Solution:

We used the customer's existing Nickel dies and designed an adapter to fit our cassette and developed two coils to individually heat each die.

We offered the following solutions. 

  • CTF-807-LX2 with Dual-Die cassette to form the 7mm-12mm Endotracheal Tupes in two up process.
  • We designed and manufactured new adapters and tuned coils for different size tubes.
  • Helped the the customer validating the process.

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Catheter Tipping Solutions

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  • Process Development
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  • Validation Support


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