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What Materials Can Be RF Welded?

Posted by Onik Bogosyan on Dec 5, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Materials Sealability Chart

Material Excellent Good Fair Poor None
ABS polymers   Good      
Acetal (Delrin)       Poor  
Acetal copolymer       Poor  
Acrylics     Fair    
Aclar     Fair    
APET   Good      
Barex 210 Excellent        
Barex 218 Excellent        
Butyrate   Good      
Cellophane         None
Cellulose acetate (clear)   Good      
Cellulose acetate (color)   Good      
Cellulose acetate butyrate   Good      
Cellulose nitrate     Fair    
Cellulose triacetate     Fair    
CPET         None
Diallyl phthalate polymer, glass-filled       Poor  
Epoxy resins     Fair    
Ethyl cellulose         None
EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate)   Good      
EVOH (Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol)     Fair    
Melamine-formaldehyde resin   Good      
Methylacrilate     Fair    
Nylon (Polyamide)     Fair    
Pelathane   Good      
PET (Polyethylene Terphthatate)   Good      
PETG (Polyethylene Terphthatate Glycol) Excellent        
Phenol-formaldehyde resin   Good      
Pliofilm (Rubber Hydrochloride) Excelent        
Polyamide     Fair    
Polycarbonate       Poor  
Polychlorotrifluoroethylene       Poor  
Polyester       Poor  
Polyethylene (All)         None
Polymide         Poor  
Polymethyl (Methacrylate)     Fair    
Polypropylene         None
Polystyrene         None
Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)         None
Polyurethane     Fair    
Polyurethane foam       Poor  
Polyurethane-vinyl film   Good      
Polyvinyl Acetate   Good      
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flexible, clear Excellent        
PVC color Excellent        
PVC opaque   Good      
PVC semi rigid   Good      
PVC rigid     Fair    
PVC flexible, glass-bonded Excellent        
PVC coated material (cloth & paper) Excellent        
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) (adhesive emulsions) Excellent        
Rubber         None
Rubber, compounded     Fair    
Rubber, hevea       Poor  
Saran (Polyvinylidene Chloride) Excellent        
Silicones         None
Teflon (Tetrafluoroethytene)         None
Urea-formaldehyde resin   Good      

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RF Welding: What is RF Heat Sealing?

Posted by Onik Bogosyan on Nov 28, 2016 12:52:12 PM

RF welding (High Frequency (HF) welding or Dielectric welding) is the process of joining thin sheets of polar thermoplastic materials together. It uses high frequency electromagnetic energy to bond the materials together.

The plastic material is placed between two electrodes where electromagnetic field is created when RF energy is applied to the electrodes. As the electromagnetic energy passes through the polar molecules of the thermoplastics, The molecules begin to reorient themselves in accordance with the direction of the electromagnetic waves. When enough energy is applied, heat is produced from inter molecular friction to melt the plastics. As the two electrodes compress the melted thermoplastic layers the electrode shape is imprinted onto the molten product. Once the RF energy is turned off the material is cooled and solidifies under the pressure, bonding the materials together. For a list of thermoplastic materials that can be welded read click here.  

RF Welding is typically achieved by the use of a RF Welding Machine. The machine traditionally looks like a large air or hydraulic cylinder controlled press. To form material in the operators desired shape, a heat sealing die is designed and fabricated to match the shape using materials, such as aluminum, brass 360, or bronze. 

For a more exhaustive explanation please read Radio Frequency Welding Process Overview.

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RF Sealers: New Hybrid Generator Technology

Posted by Onik Bogosyan on Jun 4, 2013 4:06:00 PM

Recently ONEX RF introduced new RF generators for their RF sealers. The new generators use vacuum tube technology, yet they are controlled differently compared with other oscillator tubes that are used in standard RF welding systems. We can control the RF sealing process much like solid state technology with much more available power up to 20-30KW.

If you’d like to know more about our new technology and capabilities please visit us online www.onexrf.com or call us at 626-358-6639.

Onik Bogosyan

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Best Medical RF Welders: A New Level of RF Welding Consistency

Posted by Onik Bogosyan on Mar 8, 2011 9:32:00 AM


ONEX RF Hybrid Generators - Consistency | Efficiency | Reliability | Versatility and Value

The RF Welding Machine Challenge

When sealing complex medical pouches, blood bags, urinary bags and similar products, high consistency and repeatability is required. However, this isn’t the case with most RF sealing systems using standard oscillator tube RF generators. Their low frequency and harmonics don’t allow efficient power coupling; tending to dissipate power, only transferring 30-70% of total power to the load (sealing dies). Aside from the basic inefficiency of the equipment, users also experience excessive down time mainly due to arcs and constant tuning of parameters and system components due to product and die changeovers on the same equipment.

ONEX RF Automation
, Duarte, CA, specializes in the design and manufacture of manual and automated RF sealing systems for medical device, automotive and other manufacturing industries. Known for its focused solutions, ONEX RF looks outside the box to develop innovative and sound solutions for process challenges such as this one.

RF welding, RF sealing machines,RF sealers,RF medical device welding,high frequency welding,RF weld blood bags,rf weldingOnik Bogosyan, president of ONEX RF Automation, explains that to improve RF sealing system efficiency, coupling methods needed a technology upgrade. “Instead of typical loading to the heat source, (which constantly created arcs due to the sensitive product nature) we looked at a unique patented solution that uses solid state generator and direct coupling technology. This is similar to high end amplifier tuning as used to obtain maximum audio wattage for quality sound,” he says. “By direct coupling we were sure we would be able to transfer our amplified signal to the source with minimum loss in transaction and precisely control the power at the load in two sealing cycles.”

The concept of direct coupling allows the RF generator to transfer power direct to the load and with the servo controlled Auto Tuner system monitor the reflective power and constantly adjust the load impedance to achieve above 92% efficiency. The system runs more efficiently and consistently, while sealing the product to achieve maximum desired quality. The goal was to consistently deliver a more reliable and controllable process.

RF Sealing Precision and Repeatability: Hybrid RF Sealing Technology by ONEX RF

ONEX RF turned to their expertise in hybrid technology. The hybrid technology immediately eliminated the arcing, down time, maintenance and operator safety issues. This in turn, eliminated the issue of quick RF power degradation, producing high quality seals with consistency and repeatability previously unknown in the RF welding industry.

 “The Hybrid RF generator provides a consistent 27.12MHz high frequency signal, which is efficiently tuned to the load (product being sealed) using auto tuner. In addition to consistency the generator power is set via analogue signal from a PLC/PC based control system” Bogosyan says. “The Hybrid RF generator and auto tuner provide consistent seal with minimal power loss. The analog signal allows the power to be set and maintained precisely throughout the seal cycle, and be quickly changed to perform a different seal cycle. Based on our experience the system uses 50% less power than RF welders based on oscillator tube technology.”

“We tested this technology on a complex application sealing a sensitive medical product,” he adds. “The material was 0.009” thick and required very precise power control to prevent arcing or over-melting, in addition to the shape and size of the product, it had a valve port and a very small 0.032” diameter tubing welded onto the pouch. Initially, we’d done power calculations based on tube style generator which came to 2.3KW power for the parameter seal and 800W to weld the tubing. But, when we tested the dies using a conventional RF generator, we could not control the power efficiently and saw process variations, arcing and material burn. When we switched to solid state technology, we were able to achieve excellent results from the first attempt and the system utilized 50% less power compared with Tube style generator.”

Bogosyan points out that having the output power controlled by an analog signal is essential for sealing medical bags with port seals.. “In other aplications where we sealed newly introduced materials we were able to control the RF power precisely and perform seals with less power resulting in a high quality seal without burns or arcs” he says.

The new ONEX RF Sealers come with Hybrid RF generators, manufatured in California, US. The Hybrid generators use crystal oscillator driver and vacuum tube amplifier, which provides the ability to produce 20 or 30KW power. ONEX RF systems come in various style and design, manual shuttle or rotary (RF-Shuttle and RF- Roto), besides the manual systems we manufacture fully automated Rf sealing systems  RF-Galaxy inline automated platforms. ONEX RF sealers are easy to setup and control. 

The hybrid generator technology is much more repeatable and precise to couple to complex material formulations that it allows our medical customers to flexibly design the products choosing whide range of materials without any limitations. “We have accomplished great seals with some materials that were virtually impossible to seal by traditional RF welders,” Bogosyan says. “Hybrid technology easily adapts to applications that couldn't be successfully done using other systems.”

Versatile RF Welders: Expanding RF Welding Markets with ONEX RF

ONEX RF systems are easy to operate and validate for all medical applications. ONEX RF sealers use strong mechanical platform and are perfect fit for medical and automotive applications. “Operators love using ONEX RF sealers after one day basic training,” he says. “Any manufacturer that needs the best RF welding/sealing system that uses half the energy and 90% less maintenance, will benefit using ONEX RF sealers. The ONEX RF Sealers are used in many industries including but not limited to automotive, packaging, military, office supply, recreational, flooring, air structure, pool liners and more.”

ONEX RF-Hybrid generator technology allows customers to achieve results far beyond standard tube style RF sealing machines resulting in higher quality products and repeatable processes. “This is a revolutionary process that has been proven with many systems already in the field,” Bogosyan says.

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RF Welding:Hybrid Generators by ONEX RF

Posted by Onik Bogosyan on Mar 3, 2011 7:01:00 AM

Any difficult situation gives birth to innovation. In late 2006 we were given our first RF welding project to seal a complex medical balloon. Having no RF experience and only specializing in automation systems we contacted a few RF welding system suppliers in the US and Europe. In the initial meetings with various suppliers we were given the promises and "no problem" familiar terms. Throughout the entire development time we could not get any sufficient information from the suppliers, it was like a secret mission, even basic theory of operations was given in bits and pieces. By the time we were ready to seal suddenly the easy project became a nightmare; the process arced every 10th cycle and we had to send the dies back to the supplier we had chosen to work with at the time. They promissed to make the process work before we could purchase the system. Weeks went by and finally after calling 100 times to get feedback they replied that they are not interested in the project. No support whatsoever, no sorry, yet our commitment to our customer was carved on a stone.

RF Sealer, RF Sealing, RF Welding, RF Welding Machines

We then had to start all over, at first we contacted one the best RF Generator manufacturers in Germany and they refused to sell us anything due to the fact that we shared the same customer base and that we were considered a competitor, we than had to conduct more search in RF industry and finally we found a company that had patented Solid State technology who claimed to have most efficient process in RF sealing and forming. We contacted the company and sent the samples and after getting their commitment we designed and built an RF press and sent it with the dies for testing. 3 days later we got a call to fly and see the process. When we saw the process working, we just could not believe it. The RF sealer worked like a champ, no arcs, no variations, and seal looked just perfect. We were very happy with the results and thankful that they could help us on such a short notice. The rest was a history we finished our first RF rotary sealer and delivered to our customer's site. After completing the first project we saw a great oportunity to help customers in need that were in a similar situation.

Since then we have spent lots of hours in studying and analyzing old RF welding process problems and customer issues and by combining our extensive experience in automation and knowledge inherited from our colleagues in the High Frequency field, we have been able to design and manufacture state-of-the-art RF welding systems, that allow us to solve a most inconsistency and arcing problems in the industry.

By bringing science into play, we've been able to give our customers a solid process consistency in day-to-day operations.

 High Frequency Sealing, Radio Frequency Sealing, RF Sealer, RF Sealing, RF Welding, RF Welding Machines High Frequency Sealing, Radio Frequency Sealing, RF Sealer, RF Sealing, RF Welding, RF Welding Machines High Frequency Sealing, Radio Frequency Sealing, RF Sealer, RF Sealing, RF Welding, RF Welding Machines


We do not use the term "Black Magic" anymore since we can explain and show our customers how things work, which is rather the opposite of our cometitors in the RF sealing industry. By training our customers on ONEX RF systems we've been able to eliminate the need of constant tweaking,  "Trial & Errors" or dependency on external resources (the so called "RF Experts") to make the process work.

ONEX RF prides itself on using quantitative analysis and statistical process controls to deliver repeatable and reliable process helping our customers make the best RF seal each time, every time.

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RF Sealing & HF Welding Blogs - United States - ONEX RF

Posted by Onik Bogosyan on Jan 14, 2011 11:57:00 AM

Welcome to the ONEX RF Automation RF Sealing and HF Welding Blog.  Our goal is to develop interesting article and ideas for the medical, automotive, industrial, aerospace, and packaging industries relating to this technology and how RF Welding systems can simplify manufacturing processes and deliver sustained ROI for those who use it.

ONEX RF Automation designs and manufactures RF welding systems, automated assembly machines, fluid handling systems, robotic assembly and packaging systems.  Our systems are manual, semi-automated, or turn-key.

We supply solutions for the medical industry including blood bag sealing systems, ostomy bag sealing equipment, as well as HF sealing machines for collection bags and sample pouches.

ONEX RF Automation designs and manufactures RF welding systems, automated assembly machines, fluid handling systems, robotic assembly and packaging systems.RF welding systems, automated assembly machines, fluid handling systems, robotic assembly

Please feel free to comment or contact us and let us know about the topic you'd like us to discuss.  Thanks for following us and we look forward to an interesting conversation.

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