RF Welders and Catheter Tipping Systems


Catheter Tip Forming Theory

RF Tip Forming Systems & Catheter Tipping Machines

RF Tip Forming Systems and Catheter Tipping Machines designed by ONEX RF are very versatile and come with quick changeover tooling to allow setup time in less than 5 minutes. We have also designed certain features that allow heat zone adjustment on the die without the need to adjust the coil which increases the consistency and repeatability of system performance after each setup. 

ONEX RF has developed new RF Tip Forming and RF Hole Punching systems using patented design features that deliver unparalleled benefits to our customers.

Catheters Formed by ONEX RF Tip Forming Systems meet the highest quality standards in the industry

Surgical Catheters & Tubes

Endotracheal Tubes

Endotracheal tubes_Onex RF