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 RF Welding System Service & Support

ONEX RF Team offers field service and support on all ONEX  manufactured RF welding systems.

If you are experiencing problems with the RF welder or generator please make sure you have trained technicians or engineers to service the equipment.

ONEX RF welders use HIGH VOLTAGE Power , which will cause personal injury or death if not serviced properly. Disconnect power before servicing the RF Welders or the RF Generators.


Contact Information and Hours of Operation

Phone:     1(626)358-6639

Hours:       7:30am-6:00pm

Days:         Monday- Friday

Saturdays  9:30am-3:30pm

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Onsite RF Welding System Service 

RF welding equipment

 ONEX RF Engineers are available to support customers when there is a need. Please contact us to schedule an onsite visit if you need to improve the RF welding process or fix the RF welding system or generator. Please be prepare to provide information about the problem. At first we will gather information and try to resolve it remotely, if not successful we will be at your location within the 24 hours.


RF Welder Troubleshooting Help

Diagnostic Tools

All ONEX RF welders are built with diagnostic tools that help the service person to identify the root cause of the problem. Before contacting ONEX RF please review the error messages on the HMI and on the Generator Front panel for messages and indicator LED lights 

Alarm Messages and Indicator LEDs:

HMI  top messages display 4 categories of alarms 

  1. RF Welder Safety Conditions
  2. RF Welder mechanical and software issues
  3. RF Generator Status
  4. Command to fix the issue

The RF Generator Comes with 16 LED Indicator lights. Each LED has 3 conditions (RED, GREEN YELLOW). The labels on top of the LEDs will inform the root cause of the problem.

The Operating manual also provides detail explanation on all error messages and alarm indicator LEDs. 


System Upgrades & Modifications 

We have constant system and process improvement philosophy and our engineers constantly upgrade software or electronics to have the best RF welding systems in the industry. In many cases we try to make things compatible in order to offer the upgrade to all our customers. Weather it's software or Electronic Control Circuit, we inform our clients about the new available options and based on their needs we send our Service Techs to upgrade the system. Some upgrades may cost additional money, which will include replacement of entire control board and software to match the latest system revisions. 

If you're a customer you will receive an emails about the new upgrades as soon as they are available.

RF welding equipment

 Online RF Welding Process Optimization Service - Remote Assist (with subscription)  


ONEX RF offers online support to customers that have subscription to ONEX portal. The service is free for the first 6 months of system delivery, during this time we can connect to the RF welder PC based HMI and monitor the RF welding process graph and make changes as needed bases to help the customer achieve processing goals.

ONEX RF Hybrid Generators are very easy to monitor online, we can view the RF sealing process graph and make minor adjustments on the auto tuner capacitors and increase the RF power efficiency.

Remote Assist Requirements- ONEX RF uses Go-To-Assist service to connect with customer systems. The PC HMi must be connected to the internet via Ethernet cable. The connection must be setup by the companies IT personal. This connection is very safe and has been used by many Med Device Manufacturing companies.

To learn more about the remote service options and availability please contact ONEX RF at 1(626)358-6639.


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