ONEX RF Specializes in Radio Frequency (RF) Systems.

We design our own RF generators and manufacture turnkey systems using RF energy to seal medical bag and bond or form catheters.

We also make special catheter brade annealing systems.


Introducing New Tip Forming System


Here are some key features:

  • Quick Setup menu with password protected Validation limits
  • Recipe Data Base with Backup Software Package
  • Time & Power or Temperature Control Modes
  • Closed Loop Process Control
  • Small footprint
  • Customizable to fit your needs and process

Call 626-358-6639 or visit us in Duarte CA to learn more about the new technology or discuss possible solutions for your applications.


RF Sealers with new Generator Technology.

We recently introduced our Hybrid RF Generators used in medical bags RF sealing applications.

We are happy to demonstrate some key features that will benefit you in saving energy costs and achieve better process yields.

Almost forgot, our sealers may arc once in a while but will never damage your sealing Dies. If you want to know more about ONEX RF Sealers, call us to learn more about the technology 626-358-6639 (ONEX)

Expect EX.cellence.