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ONEX RF - Designs Reliable Medical RF Heat Sealing and Catheter Tipping Systems in the U.S.
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RF Sealers Built in California

ONEX RF Sealers are more affordable than you think. 

If you add up your current down time and die rework costs our sealers will pay off 3 times faster than other RF sealers. 

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Large RF Sealer

RF-Suttle-L1 -L2

ONEX RF - Built to Seal!


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High Frequency Welding Machines Technology from the U.S.


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ONEX RF Sealers Outperform All Other Sealers Hands Down

Contact ONEX RF at 626-358-6639 for all your RF sealing applications.

Onex RF Galaxy Heat Sealing Machine

Reliable - Efficient - Automotive, Medical, Military and Custom Use RF Welding Machines and Heat Sealing Technologies

ONEX RF Sealing Technology

1) ONEX RF sealers achieve the same quality seal with less energy waste.

2) ONEX RF sealer's detect arc fast enough not to damage the sealing die.

3) Closed loop process control helps you control the process better.

Automated RF Sealing Systems 

ONEX RF can automate your manual RF sealing process. We also offer modular RF seal and material feed stations that can be automated in the future.

We have experience in sealing blood, IV, Urinary, Enteral Feeding, Ostomy bags and blood pressure cuffs.


RF Sealers Safety & Grounding Requirements

ONEX RF sealers meet the highest RF safety standards required by ISO. We conduct RF safety training and provide consulting for safety procedures.



RF Catheter Tipping Systems

ONEX Catheter Tipping systems combine superior process control and unique features to perform changeovers in less than 3 minutes.