Choose ONEX RF Because

Our products and services are unmatched. We are constantly innovating and developing new and better ways to increase the productivity of our machines and achieve process excellence for our customers. The journey only begins when you choose ONEX RF.

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feature2-smallTime & Energy Efficiency

Save money on setup or new product developement costs. ONEX RF will help you reduce setup costs by upto 50%. New process developement in less then 30 minutes saving you time and 75% less material use costs.


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feature3-small Remote Customer Support

ONEX RF provides strategic and technical support, enabling our clients to operate with precision, reliability and peak efficiency. We ensure minimal downtime due to machine failure through Onsite or Remote Customer Support.

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RF Welding Machines

Rotary RF Seal & Print System



ONEX Rotary RF sealers are designed to Seal and Print on the bag in a single platform. Keep the costs down by eliminating extra material handling. Our Medical RF Sealing Equipment is excellent for urine bags or blood bags.

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Catheter Tip Forming Machine

RF Tip Forming System

RF Tip Forming System


ONEX RF has developed a new RF Tip Forming and RF Hole Punching systems which utilizes patenting design features that deliver unparalleled benefits to our customers.

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Our Customers Speak For Us

"They were helpful, very knowledgeable, and took the time required to understand our process and ensure that the machine worked to achieve the desired results." ~ Craig Merrill


"We have been very happy with the result; the ONEX RF Tipping machine is very easy to use, extremely easy to adjust, it is very strong and durable, and, in short, it has been exactly what we needed: it’s what I call a “No Problems Machine.”" ~ Gerardo Moreno






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What is RF Heat Sealing?

RF welding (High Frequency (HF) welding or Dielectric welding) is the process of joining thin sheets of polar thermoplastic materials together. It uses high frequency electromagnetic energy to bond the materials together. The plastic material is placed between two electrodes where...

ONEX RF will be at Bajamak booth 224, Tijuana, BC on October 24th.

Visit us at Bajamak Show in Tijuana, BC. We will be discussing RF Welding and Catheter forming applications. We will also conduct short seminar on RF sealers and RF sealing safety. http://onexrf.com