RF Sealers Built in California

We manufacture better RF Sealers! ONEX Sealers have the highest safety rating in the industry. The repeatability second to none on the industry.


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Large Single or Dual Shuttle RF Sealer - RF-Suttle-L2Shuttle - L1 y RF -Shuttle - L2

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Catheter Tipping Process "Dream Come True"

Fast and Repeatable

ONEX RF Catheter Tipping vs. Other Tip Formers

Catheter Tip Forming takes a quantum leap forward with ONEX RF's computerized process control.

Greater Process Control: The ONEX RF's catheter tipping systems overcome common problems and mistakes, including process inconsistency and tidious changeovers.

Simple HMI Operation: A 8" PC based touch screen HMI to control the system operations and set system parameters or upload saved recipes. 

Fast Changeover:  We take pride by offering a design that does not require special tools or wrenches to perform basic setup or changeovers. It takes only 3-5 minutes without the use of wrenches to setup a new die and be ready to produce perfectly formed catheters. 

Cut down Validation Time: Our machines' controlled process parameters allow you to validate a new product 50x faster and start production while your competitor will still be slowly working on establishing their constantly changing parameters.

With our systems you can record the heat zone on the die as well as the forming stroke providing flexibility and presision by eliminating guesswork or trial and error. 

Online Support: ONEX RF's PC based controls allow for fast access to online support and process setup.