Soft Tip Bonding & Forming System

The most versatile in the industry
The STB - 807-LX1  is designed to bond various durometer materials together using external molds or internal mandrel heating. The system comes with dual sided actuators to control bonding from both sides.

Soft Tip Bonding Cassette

  • Straight Tips
  • Tapered Tips
  • ID Heated Tips
  • Tip to Braided Shaft
  • Over Under Bonded Tips

Flange Forming Cassette

  • Straight Flange Tips

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Butt Joint Weld System

Increase your bonding Precision and Control
The BJW - 807-LX1  is designed to bond two straight sections of different catheter materials. The process uses RF heating of ID mandrel or the FEP shrink tubing via external heating.

Butt Joint Cassette

  • Straight-Section
  • Marker Bands
  • Soft to Hard Shaft
  • Over Under Bonds

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