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Automated Catheter Tip Forming

And Assembly Machine

The ATF - Galaxy is a fully automated catheter tip forming station with custom integrated operations to produce 2 articles every 4 seconds.

Station Options

  • Indexing Station
  • Tip Forming
  • Murphy Eye Punch
  • Ring Marking
  • ID Expending
  • Connector Assembly
  • Final Inspection
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Tip Forming Sizes 7-12mm Endotracheal Tube

Tip Forming Sizes 7-12mm Endotracheal Tube

Customer Issue:

Customer had purchased a tip forming system and could not validate the process due to inconsistency and bond issues. We met the customer at the Expo and invited over to ONEX and demonstrated our capabilities but did not hear back for 6 months.

Our Solution:

One beautiful morning our customer contacted us with intense pressure in her voice and said we need a system capable of making the parts in one month, can you help? IN less than 2 weeks we were able to make the die and some samples for review. Customer liked the results and purchased a system with a promise that we would do the DOE run samples and they would perform all the inspection and documentation. 

 We then created the DOE IQ documents and helped the customer with the installation. 

  • Since then we developed 2 other models for the same catheter family.
  • Helped the customer with design changes by tuning samples using different dies.
  • Helped them complete the validation in record amount of time by having our experts tweak the parameters on the spot and achieve the best results fast.

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Catheter Tipping Solutions

ONEX RF offers various solutions for the catheter manufacturing industry. View the brochure for more system options.

Other Services:

  • Mold Design and Fabrication
  • Process Development
  • Sample Runs for Evaluation
  • Validation Support


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