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Catheter Tipping Machines

Excellence in Design and Performance

Catheter Tipping Machine


Catheter Tipper for precision applications.

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Catheter Tip Forming Machine

TF-803-4 2-Up or 4-UP

Catheter Tipping system for bullet nose tip forming.

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Soft Tip Bonding Machine


Soft Tip Bonding & Tipping Machine.

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Coude Tip Catheter Tip Forming
Coude Tip Catheter
Bullet Nose Catheter Tipping
Bullet Nose Catheter
Taperred Tip Forming
Tapered Tipped Catheter
Soft Tip Forming
Soft Tip RF Forming
Soft Tip Bonding
Soft Tip Bonding
Catheter Tip Rounding
Catheter Tip Rounding

Catheter Tipping Machine

 Consistency in RF Tipping Process

Eliminate Variations: Overcome process issues in Rf tipping process due to tedious adjustments of coil or hard stop position. The stated adjustments on the ONEX RF tipper use electronic feedback displayed on the HMI and can be saved in the recipe. 

Validation Time Slashed: Our catheter tipping machines use validated software that cuts down your Installation Qualification time.

Repeatable Process: Closed loop process control helps repeat every RF tipping process with the help of RF power and tipping mold temperature feedback. 



TF-801 TF-802 TF-804
System Type Basic Version
Single Cavity 

2-up Tip Forming System 
4-up Tip Forming System 
Catheter Sizes 4-34Fr 4-15 or 15-30Fr 4-15Fr
Induction Coil Multy Turn Coil with Concentrator 4 Turn Coil with 2 Cavity Concentrator 4 Turn Coil with 4 Cavity Concentrator Discs
Number of Dies 1 2 4
Die holder mechanism Single Cavity Cassette 2 Cavity Cassette 4 Cavity Cassette
Catheter Clamps CLP-1-X-- CLP-2-XFr CLP-4-XFr
Transfer Mechanism Manual or Custom Air Slide Shuttle Air Slide Shuttle
Programable Insertion Force 10-40lb 10-40lb
Dimensions W24" x L30" x 20" W24" x L30" x H20" W24" x L30" x H20"
21.2 x 30.5 x 13.3 cm 11.4 x 30.5 x 15.2 cm 11.4 x 30.5 x 15.2 cm
Weight 50lbs (10-25kg) 100lbs (50kg) 100lbs (50kg)
Shipping Weight 75lbs (35kg) 130lbs (65kg) 130lbs (65kg)
Air Supply 80psi 80psi 80psi
Coil Cooling Chilled Water Chilled Water Chilled Water


TF-801 TF-802 TF-804
Certifications UL or CE Compliant WEEE Compliant WEEE Compliant
Power 115VAC 60 Hz 230VAC, 15A, 60 Hz 230VAC, 15A, 60 Hz
1Ph 230 VAC, 15A 60 Hz 1Ph 230 VAC, 15A 60 Hz 1Ph 230 VAC, 15A 60 Hz
RF Generator Power 1-4 KW 2KW 2KW
Generator Frequency 50-450 KHz 50-450 KHz 50-450 KHz

Operating System

TF-801 TF-802 TF-804
Control system PC Based 1.6GHz Celeron Processor PC Based 1.6GHz Celeron Processor PC Based 1.6GHz Celeron Processor
User Interface 6.5" Color Touch Screen 6.5" Color Touch Screen 6.5" Color Touch Screen
Operating Methode Foot Pedal and/or Opto-Touch Buttons Foot Pedal and/or Opto-Touch Buttons Foot Pedal and/or Opto-Touch Buttons
Process Parameter Storage 256 Recipes 256 Recipes  256 Recipes
Internal Circuit Protection Yes Yes Yes
Power Surge Protection /After power loss Yes Yes Yes
E-stop and Safety Interlock circuit Meets OSHA and CE Requirements Meets OSHA and CE Requirements Meets OSHA and CE Requirements


TF-801 TF-802 TF-804
Environment Cleanroom Cleanroom Cleanroom
Temperature 68-95°F (20-35°C) 68-95°F (20-35°C) 68-95°F (20-35°C)
Humidity 70% Max Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing 70% Max Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing 70% Max Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
Over-voltage Category II II II
Pollution Degree 2 2 2
Altitude Up to 2500 m Up to 2500m Up to 2500m


The RF Tip Forming Systems and Catheter Tipping Machines are exclusively designed by ONEX RF. Our Tip Forming Systems are very versatile and come with quick changeover tooling to allow setup time in less than 3 minutes. We have also designed certain features that allow heat zone adjustment on the die without the need playing with the coil thus increasing the consistency and repeat ability of system performance after each setup.

RF Tip Forming Systems and Catheter Tipping Machines

Some of the unique features our systems offer:

Heat Zone Adjustment

  • The Coil is adjusted by a fine screw
  • Coil position is recorded in the system and can be validated

Quick & Easy Die Cassette Changeover 

  • Easy interchange of coils to match die sizes
  • Toolless die changeover in less than 30 seconds
  • Capable of running most catheter sizes and wide variety of types on the same system

Easy Change Tube Clamps

Validation ready PC based interface

  • Password protected recipes
  • RF Tunner for quick changeover of Die and Coil combinations


  • Product evaluation, die design and fabrication
  • Automated Tip Forming system design
  • RF hole punch system design and fabrication
  • Complete Process Setup and Validation Assistance


Tipping Process Consistency

Precise mechanical adjust ability of dies within the coil's magnetic field helps define the most efficient heat zone and reduce heat transfer time, producing the most efficient heat cycle time.  The dial indicator sends a signal to the PLC to record the final die position for validation and process repeat ability for the future changeovers.

Up to 90% Reduced Setup Time

Now you can manufacture different size catheters on the same RF Tip Forming machine without major design changes. New die setup is performed without the use of any wrenches or hand tools in just a few minutes. Guaranteed setup in less than 5 minutes versus several hours of pursuit of original operating conditions. The fast setup time is achieved with the Patent Pending Die Cassette and Tube-Clamp sets, and process parameters are saved and can be easily set and recorded in the PLC during validation for future access and retrieval.

Tip Forming Process Control Software

The software has simplified the set up and changeover, allowing the selection of a catheter model number in a drop down menu to load validated process parameters in seconds. No guesswork or errors due to manual setup using a process work sheet. The interface allows the customer to put the minimum and maximum validated limits and password protect them from future unauthorized personnel, securing process parameters.

Catheter Tipping Results

Make significantly more parts per hour, decrease down time, enjoy a relatively maintenance free system.

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