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Soft Tip RF Tipping 

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Soft Tip Bonding Machine

ONEX RF has developed new soft tip welding system. The system uses an air servo cylinder which allows the operator to load materials onto the mandrel and place it onto the shuttle. The shuttle is programmed to insert the catheter to a set location inside the die and after heating the material it presses further to bond the soft tip to the shaft.

The STB-807-LX Soft Tip Bonding (welding) system comes with unique features such as:

Complete Operator Control

- The Control system comes with 2 operating modes
- Time and Power Temperature (Dies with TC)
- Password protected recipes
- The system occupies 12" x 24" space
- The coil is air cooled and no water is required
- We also offer die cassettes that are cooled by water to reduce the cooling cycle time.

Soft Tip Bonding Station 

Die Cavities


Compressed Air Pressure

Generator Power

Operating Frequency

Shipping Weight

Surface Finish




1 up

120VAC/20Amp 50-60hz





Anodized Aluminum

ISO 13849-1 / OSHA

UL or CE (Per Request)

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