RF Catheter Tip Forming Systems


Catheter tip forming machine

Catheter RF Tipping, Neck Down,

and Soft Tip Bonding Systems

Excellence in Design and Performance


Catheter Tipping Machine

Catheter Tipping Machine 1-Up


ONEX Catheter tipping system offers excellent process control and ample power to melt up to 450ºC high-temp catheter materials.

Catheter Tip bonding

Soft Tip Bonding 


ONEX RF has developed soft tip welding system specifically for CV catheters. The system uses an air slide with position feedback which allows minor adjustments to be recorded in the recipe. This feature helps you make adjustments and monitor the forming process very easily. The shuttle is programmed to insert the catheter to a set location inside the die and after heating the material it presses further to bond the soft tip to the shaft.

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