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Catheter Tipping Machine

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ONEX Catheter tipping system offers excellent process control and ample power to melt up to 450ºC high-temp catheter materials:

Now you can - Adjust the coil over the die and record the position on the HMI. Adjust the hard stop and record the position on the HMI. You can eliminate process variations for good when using ONEX RF tipping system.

Use Any Die - You can use your existing dies on our system. We can help you with the design and conversion of your existing die to work on our system.

Application Support- We help you design your die and process. If you have an existing die we can convert it to operate on our system.

Validation Help - We use validated software, which makes it easy for any user to perform IQ Installation Qualifications and OQ.

RF Tipping Station 

Die Cavities


Compressed Air Pressure

Generator Power

Operating Frequency

Shipping Weight

Surface Finish




1 up

120VAC/ 20Amp 50-60hz





Anodised Aluminum

ISO 13849-1 / OSHA

UL or CE (Per Request)

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