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The ONEX Catheter Tip Forming System is great for urinary catheters to tip the distal end or flare the proximal end of the catheters.

This catheter tipping system uses water cooled coil and can heat the dies very quick using 2kw generator at 450KHz or 1Mhz frequency based on the application.

The operator interface is very easy to access and setup process parameters.

We have had great success tip forming round or bullet nose tips also large diameter tubing.

The system come with time saving features:

1. Easy Die and Tube Clamp changeover
2. Coil adjustment with position feedback
Process Repeatability 
  1. Comes with 40 recipes
  2. Password protected screens
  3. Setup uses  Min Max process limits for validation
  4. Mechanically it's built solid to maintain all adjustments fixed.

Contact us to dicuss your application and provide excellent system and support 1(626) 358-6639.

Catheter Tipping & Flaring

Die Cavities (X)


Compressed Air Pressure

Generator Power

Operating Frequency

Shipping Weight

Surface Finish



 TF-803-X (2 or 4)

2          4

230VAC / 1Ph / 20Amp / 50-60Hz



50-250KHz / 400KHz


Stainless Steel / Nickel Plate

ISO 13849-1 / OSHA

UL or CE (Per Request)

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