RF Welding Systems with Superior Process Control

Hybrid RF Technology - Generator Differences

ONEX RF Generators are designed to replace the older technologies for better process control and longevity

RF Generator Differences:

RF Welding Generator


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Solid State


solid state RF generator



Power Control Rough: A plate capacitor is adjusted closer or farther to control the power output. The power is adjusted by a manual knob or stepper motor. Precise: Uses 0-10VDC analog signal to precisely control the output power. The power is set through the HMI. Precise: Uses 0-10VDC analog signal to precisely control the output power, set through the HMI
Frequency Oscillator Circuit Oscillator tube driven by open loop oscillator circuit. The vacuum tube is part of the oscillator circuit.    Power MOSFET Technology. Uses several drivers coupled together to achieve high power output up to 8KW. Vacuum Tube Amplifier is driven by a oscillator/driver circuit to get 2-4 times more power than Solid State generators
Generator Frequency Stability Unstable, as soon as seal cycle starts the frequency changes. It is adjusted by fixed capacitors and plate capacitor to match the load. The generator output frequency is constant at 27.12MHz. The resonance is achieved by an auto tuner when sealing takes place. Same as Solid State Generator
Power Efficiency 30-50% 65-85% 65-75%
Durability to withstand high reflected power The generators are very durable, in spite of some electronic component failures and early tube failure or degradation due to high reflected power or heat build up Maximum 10% for a split second. The generator reduces the output power to protect the driver circuits, which sometimes may not be fast enough.  Can withstand up to 50% reflected power for up to 10 minutes and 10-20% non stop. The amplifier tube gets hot.
Monitoring and control of reflected (REF) Power No feedback or control. The end users don't even know about the reflected power. The tuner circuit consists of fixed capacitors and U shape coil-inductor. Generator displays the FWD & REF powers. Uses closed loop process control. Tuning is done by an automatic Match Network. Uses closed loop process control. Tuning is done by auto tuner. or standard Match Network.
Process Tuning Manual Automatic Automatic with a unique software Tuning algorithm
Arc Shut Down Very slow and most of the time damages the dies. Circuits use 50-120VAC signal to detect an arc, which can also shock the user. Sensitivity is adjusted manually based on the set sealing power. The Fastest, never damages a die. The Arc Shut down circuit uses 5VDC logic. No adjustments required Fast, never damages a die. The Arc Shut down circuit uses 5VDC logic. No adjustments required
Major Issues Electronic components and the Oscillator Tube. When there is a problem the generators are fixed by trial and error, replacing components until it works due to lack of basic knowledge on RF circuits and how they function. On site support is available by outside vendors trained in RF sealing systems.  Generator output circuit and match network. When there is a problem the generator cannot be fixed on site due to lack of knowledge and electronic test equipment. The generator has to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repair. Manufacturers drawings or sight support is not available. Same as standard generators with exception that ONEX RF can identify the issues on the spot based on the front indicator lights, which suggest what section or component to replace or fix.  
Serviceability Generator Issues can be fixed on site by RF technician. In most cases companies depend on outside resources or can fix the issues by trial and error, based on tribal knowledge.  The generator cannot be repaired on site, it is shipped back to the manufacturer for repair. If lucky they may send a spare unit until the old unit is repaired, which needs to be returned after the repair. This is major issue validating the equipment twice or waiting weeks for the repair one. ONEX RF provides extensive training during and after purchase. The Generators can be fixed on site based on the provided circuit diagrams by trained technicians. The generators offer points of inspection or 16 LED indicators to identify the false condition.
Spare Parts Readily available Not available. Manufacturer recommends to keep another generator in stock. Readily available
Support Outside service Telephone support only The issues can be Remotely identified and fixed or service tech is available within 24 hours.
Training Limited None We offer in depth RF application training seminars
Popularity Very popular and used in most industries Becoming known in the medical device manufacturing industry Has been used in communications, military and MRI industries but new in RF welding industry.
Generator size Larger than Solid State generators 

19"x24"x24" or 22"x36"x36" enclosure

19" rack mount cabinet 22"x36"x72"
Generator Cost Inexpensive Very Expensive Between the Standard and Solid State
Certification None UL or CE optional   UL or CE optional

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