RF Welding Systems with Superior Process Control

Hybrid RF Technology - Fast Facts

ONEX RF Generators are designed to replace the older technologies for better process control and longevity

Fast Facts:
  • Frequency Stability - 27.12MHz (does not flactuate due to the load impedance change, while sealing)
  • Reliable & consistent - VSWR protection (Reflcted power limit) is set at 10 or 15% (factory adjustable). The Generator can withstand upto 50% reflected power for max 10 minutes.
  • Analog Control - The amplifier uses 0-10VDC signal to set the RF output power. The power level stability is better than 2% above 10% of the amplifier rated power.
  • Fuzzy Tuner - The generator is connected to the press which has built in tune circuit. The tuner uses software algorithm that captures the optimum tune parameters and automatically adjusts the tune circuit faster than the reflected power sensors can respond.
  • No Arc Damage - The ONEX RF amplifier come with fast arc shutdown circuit to protect the dies.

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