RF Welding Systems with Superior Process Control

Use a Hybrid RF Generator for Maximum Efficiency and Reliability

RF generator

Hybrid RF Generators Technology

With Superior Process Control

ONEX RF Welding Systems use Hybrid Generator Technology

RF Generator

We designs and manufacture RF Generators with superior process control in Los Angeles, CA.

The RF generator is designed to generate high frequency energy, which is used in RF welding systems for melting and bonding plastic materials (to learn more about how RF welders work visit RF Welding System Theory of Operations page). ONEX RF generators are connected to the RF welding system either via coax cable (flex connection) or RF line section (hard connection). The RF welding station sends digital and analog signals to the generator via 15pin D-Sub connector caable.The RF generator can be operated in local or remote modes. When testing the generator the local mode gives all the functional capabilities to operate and turn the RF power ON. in automatic mode the Generator is set in remote control mode and The RF welder takes control of the generator operations. The ONEX generators come with self diagnostic circuit to inform the operator on the generator operating condition or status.

Our RF generators use closed loop process control. An AGC circuit monitors and automatically adjusts the gain of the RF power to maintain consistent RF output power.

This feature is great way of guaranteeing process consistency even when the AC line voltage fluctuates or the vacuum tube degrades up to 30% after sometime use.

Generator Benefits: ONEX RF generators are very durable see the facts below

  • Customers don't have to constantly adjust the RF welding power
  • The generator is designed for 100% duty cycle at maximum RF power 
  • The generator can withstand 50% reflected power for 10minutes
    • The ONEX RF Welders use auto tuner to reduce reflected power during the sealing process
  • Generator Efficiency 65-75%
  • Fast arc shutdown circuit

RF Generator sizes:            4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20KW (air cooled, 30KW is available with special tube)
                                              10, 15, 20, 40KW water cooled tube ( we also offer higher power units)
RF Power Control:              0-10vdc
Load Impedance:                50ohm
RF Generator Frequency:  27.12MHz
Other Available Frequencies:
  • 13.56MHz RF Generators for large seal areas (Hospital beds, tents)
  • 40.68MHz RF Generators for sealing small tubes and ports

RF Generator Power Efficiency vs. Seal Quality: The ONEX RF sealers can achieve the same seal quality with up to 50% less RF power.

Upgrading Options:
ONEX RF offers integration of our technology on customer's used RF Sealers.
If you have issues with your existing generators or RF sealing process please contact us.
We can upgrade your old technology with a new and better process control.
Selecting the corect size generator:
ONEX RF offers wide range of RF Power Generators. We slect the RF generator once we know the customers' applciations and the seal area, which is direct proportional the RF power. see the RF power and seal are chart in the RF Welders Teory section.

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