RF Welders and Catheter Tipping Systems


RF Welding Technology

RF Welding Technology

Can Hybrid generator offer perfect RF sealing solution?

RF sealing energy can be achieved by using any RF generator technology, oscillator tube or solid state technology. In order to get the process consistency the solid state is the perfect solution, on the other hand the durability is not as strong as the oscillator tubes. ONEX RF has given different spin to the generator technology by joining the solid state with the vacuum tube oscillators. This hybrid generator technology has improved the process control and consistency and can last much longer even when subjected to dynamically changing load conditions.

What are the key factors?
Consistent Energy Output, Closed Loop Process Control, and Easy to Maintain Using Basic Diagnostic Tools

How does ONEX RF achieve outstanding levels of customer satisfaction?

Our process for producing excellent results is very plain and simple. We don't just build machines, we solve problems.

Hybrid RF Amplifier Technology

ONEX RF Sealing Generators, operate at 27.12MHz ISM frequency. For special applications we offer custom generators to meet specific needs and requirements:

  • 27.12MHz for up to 30 x 60" 
  • 13.56MHz RF Generators for large seal areas (Hospital beds, tents)
  • 40.68MHz RF Generators for sealing small tubes and ports
  • 40-72MHz Custom high power, high frequency generators

ONEX RF Generators are tuned and tested for50ohm load applications

ONEX RF Welders or HF Sealers can achieve the same seal quality seal with 50% less energy loss.