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Interested In Upgrading Your Existing RF Sealer with ONEX RF Sealing Technology? 

Does your RF Sealer produce more headaches then products? Do you find yourself constantly servicing your RF Generator? 

Contact us and ask about our Simple Swap Service. We are experts at evaluating your system and providing a solution custom tailored to your needs.



10KW Rotary RF Sealer - California

Completely refurbished in good working condition.

Rotary RF Sealer

  • 10KW Vacuum Tube Sealer
  • Standard Bed Size 
  • Heated Upper Platen 20x30"
  • Single cycle RF Sealer
  • 96” diameter rotary dial indexer
  • 4 position CAMCO Indexer
  • Manufactured by Hall Dielectric refurbished by ONEX RF

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6KW Dual Cycle RF Sealer - California
(barely used in medical lab, in perfect condition)

Used RF Sealer Shuttle d

  • 6KW Vacuum Tube Sealer
  • Standard Bed Size 
  • Manual Shuttle 
  • Heated Upper Platen 20x30"
  • Dual Cycle RF Switch
  • Arc suppressor
  • Manufactured by Thermatron refurbished by ONEX RF

This used rf sealer is for sale and in excellent condition. It was previously located in a medical laboratory setting in California where the owner requested help in finding a customer that might make better use of it. 

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