RF-Shuttle-M1 20x30


Standard Single Shuttle

RF Sealing Machine

RF-Shuttle-M1 20x30 / 8-10KW
The Mid-Size Shuttle RF Sealer is designed to RF seal medical pouches with ports, which use PVC, TPU, or EVA RF sealable Materials. ONEX RF Sealers use No-Arc Hybrid Generator Technology with closed-loop process control.

Typical Applications

  • RF Sealing Solution Bag Ports
  • RF Sealing Air Bladder Ports 
  • RF Sealing Cold Packs
  • RF Sealing Pressure Cuffs
  • etc.
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    90% Arc Reduction

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    50% More Efficiency

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Model No.



RF Sealing Solution Bags, with ports, Cold Packs, Pressure Cuffs, Air Cushions etc.

Seal Area

20" x 30"

RF Generator

6 - 10 kWatt Hybrid RF Generator

27.12 MHz Frequency

Control System

Allen Bradley PLC

12" Touch Screen PC HMI


200-240VAC / 50-65A / 50-60Hz

80 psi / 5bar - Clean Dry Air (CDA)


52" x 70" / 131cm x 178cm - RF Welder

24" x 32" / 61cmx 81cm - RF Generator

Shipping Weight

3000lb / 1400kg


ISO 13485-1 / UL-508C, NFPA 79A / Safety 

CE Optional

Validation Support

Documents available for IQ, DOE and Die FAI

OQ at customer site per request

Operating Environment

65-95°F / 18-35°C

68% Max Humidity Non-Condensing

Max 2000m elevation


Standard RF Sealer Highlights

20 x 30"

RF Seal Area

Process Consistency

Key Benefit

6-10 KWatt

RF Output Power

Neck Pillow

RF Sealed Neck Pillow

TPU Cold Pack

RF Welded Cold Pack

RF Sealed Lumber Support Arms

RF Sealed Lumber Support

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90% Reduction of RF Sealing Arcs & Die-Burns when using ONEX RF sealers.

Increased production yields due to process consistency and RF Seal integrity.

50% more power efficiency when RF sealing with Hybrid RF Generator technology.

RF Welding hook and loops for back brace orthopedic product

RF Sealed Lumber Support Arms

Customer Requirement:

Customer came to us with no previous experience in RF sealing because they were using a contract manufacturer for their product development.

ONEX RF Solution:

We provided a Turnkey Process to seal the hook and loop attachments to be used on back support brace product.

  • RF-Shuttle-M1 came with heated upper platen and port sealing capability.

RF Sealing air cushion for foot wear industry


Customer Requirement:

Customer needed an RF welder to RF Seal their TPU air cushion products to be used in the foot wear industry. Also they needed the RF welder to RF heat the material without contacting it and once the material reached a set temperature the press would extend further to bond the layers.

ONEX RF Solution:

We designed the RF welder using a servo press that would extend to a set position and start RF heating the material before full contact bonding the layers. We provided the following systems:

  • RF-Shuttle-M1-AS single shuttle RF welding equipment.

Portfolio of ONEX RF Welders

RF Welder Brochure Cover Page

RF Welding Solutions

ONEX RF offers various RF welding systems for the medical and automotive products manufacturers. 
Some of the products we have sealed in the past are blood, urine or other solution collection bags, and car seat air bladders.
View the brochure for more system options.

Other Services:

  • Mold Design and Fabrication
  • Process Development
  • Sample Runs for Evaluation
  • Validation Support

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