HSDC-Roto-X4 15x20


Rotary Heat Sealer

With Heat Seal & Die-Cut Station

HSDC-Roto-X4-D60 15x20

The Rotary Heat Sealer with Die-Cut Station is designed for sealing medical pouches using multi-layer EVA materials and die-cut around the perimeter in the second station after sealing.

Reduce extra material handling costs.

Typical Applications

  • Heat Sealed Ostomy Pouches
  • Heat Sealed Solution Bags
  • Heat Sealed Cold Packs
  • etc.
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Model No.



Heat Sealing products that use Multi-layer non-polar materials Nylon or EVA materials and Die Cut After the Sealing Cycle

Heat Seal and Die Cut Area

15" x 20"

Thermal Heat Station

Cartridge Heater Control Upper Platen.

Die Cut Station

Air Over Hydraulic Cylinder Option -1

Servo Hydraulic Cylinder with Position Control Option -2

Servo Electric Cylinder Option -3

Control System

Allen Bradley PLC

12" Touch Screen HMI


200-240VAC / 40A /50-60Hz

80psi / 5bar Clean Dry Air (CDA)


68" x 68" / 173cm x 173cm System

24" x 32" / 61cm 81cm

Shipping Weight

5500lb / 2400kg


ISO-13849-1 / Machinery Safety Standard

UL or CE Optional

Validation Support

Documents available for IQ, DOE and Die FAI

OQ at customer site per customer request

Operating Environment

65-95°F / 18-35°C

68% Max Humidity Non-Condensing

Max 2000m elevation

Heat Seal + Die-Cut Highlights

15 x 20"

RF Seal Area

4 Position 60" Dial

Index Dial Size


Max Temperature

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Heat Sealing and Die Cutting Ostomy bags

RF Heat Sealed Ostomy Bag

Customer Requirement:

Customer had issues in controlling the die cutting accuracy after the heat sealing process because of material handling and positioning.

ONEX RF Solution:

We designed and developed the heat seal and die cutting machine to exactly control the cutting around the perimeter.

We provided the following systems:

  • HSDC-Roto-X4 / Rotary Heat Seal Die Cutter which sealed the perimeter of the Ostomy bag and in the next station a 20T press cut the excess material around the perimeter.

Portfolio of ONEX RF Welders

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RF Welding Solutions

ONEX RF offers various RF welding systems for the medical and automotive products manufacturers. 
Some of the products we have sealed in the past are blood, urine or other solution collection bags, and car seat air bladders.
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Other Services:

  • Mold Design and Fabrication
  • Process Development
  • Sample Runs for Evaluation
  • Validation Support

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