RF Welding Systems with Superior Process Control

RF Welding Systems

For Medical or Other Applications

Excellence in Design and Performance

Choose the Best RF Sealer that Meets Your Production Needs

Automated RF Sealing HF Welding Machine

Automated RF Sealing


ONEX can automate your RF Sealed product manufacturing process. We have modular solutions to meet any customer needs and requirements.

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RF Sealer with Printing

Rotary RF Sealer with Print Station


RF Sealer that can print on medical bags in single process. achieve better RF welding process control.

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Basic Rotary RF Welder

Rotary RF Welder


RF Welder with single RF weld station. Single frame construction 96" dial with a wide C-Frame press. Can RF weld 44" long bladders with excellent repeatability.

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Large Dual Shuttle RF Sealer

RF Welders - Dual Shuttle (20x60" SA)


Four column solid construction large RF Sealer can seal up to 60" long medical grade bladders.

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RF Welders with 2 slides

RF Welder with 2 loading stations.


This RF welder is designed for RF welding bags with ports (blood bags, IV bags or Urine bags). 

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Small Single Shuttle RF Sealer

RF Sealer with small footprint.


This RF sealer is perfect for R&D lab applications. It's designed for sealing ports or small medical pouches.

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High Frequency Sealing Machine

HF Sealing Machine


Hi Frequency HF welder for small production runs. Mid size, single shuttle design lets you achive great seal quality every cycle.

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Large RF Single Shuttle Sealer

RF-Sealer Large


Designed for RF heat sealing blood pressure cuffs or torniquate cuffs up to 56" long.

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