RF Welding Systems with Superior Process Control

Rotary RF Welders With Two Stations

Excellence in Design and Performance

RF Weld and Print in the same process

Rotary RF Sealing and Printing Machine


Rotary RF Welder that can help you keep the costs down and increase quality.

Eliminate extra material handling, print a log or an artwork after the Rf welding process and have the bag ready to assemble other components.

IV Bags, Urine Bags, ET Feed Bags with ports and print can be manufactured on ONEX RF welders with greater efficiently.

The Dual Function Rotary RF Sealer Options:

RFPS-Roto-X4   RF Seal & Print
RFDC-Roto-X4 RF Seal & Die Cut
2XRF-Roto-X4 Two RF Seal Stations (Port and Perimeter Sealing)
2XRFDC-Roto-M8 Two RF Seal Stations and One Die Cut Station

Dual Station RF Sealer Features:

Reduce RF Sealing Operating Costs - increase efficiency and productivity by using Hybrid RF Sealing Technology, reduce material handling costs by RF sealing and printing on the second station.

Improve RF Seal Quality - The ONEX RF sealing generators use closed loop power control, which guarantees consistent RF power every time. The products are RF sealed with greater consistency and repeatability.

It's Very Affordable - ONEX RF sealers are more affordable in the long run  then most RF sealers in the industry, when considering all the energy costs, material waste and down time due to arcs and die damage.

Roto RF Sealer and Printer SatuCol.jpg

Rotary RF Seal & Print Machine 

Great machine to produce medical bags. We have validated software and can help you with IQ and OQ validation process. 

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Rotary RF Seal and Die Cut Machine

Rotary RF Seal & Die Cut Machine

Rotary RF Sealer is great to RF seal medical EVA or TPU pouches and Die Cut in the second station.

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