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Rotary RF Sealer with Print Station


The Rotary RF sealer with print station, was developed for RF Sealing solution bags in the first station and print the logo and liquid level gradients in the second station. The RF sealing system saves a lot of time in material handling tasks and produces perfectly RF sealed and accurately printed solution bags every time. Read more about the specs and RF Sealing applications below...

Rotary RF Sealer with Print Station

RF Weld and Print Drain Bags

RF Sealed Urine Collection Bag RF Sealed Ostomy Bag RF Sealed Collection Bag Urine Bag-1


RF Seal and Print System's Benefits

The Rotary RF seal & Print station is compact and solid built machine. What's unique about this rotary RF sealer is that the nests are floating in the dial nest and mechanically are centerred using a toggle mechanism under the seal and print stations to guarantee perfect alignment every time.

  • 99.99% zero port leaks & perfect print
  • Safe & easy to operate

The RF Sealer can be used for sealing ports in the first station and perimeter in the second to save cycle time, for high volume requirements.

RF Seal & Print System's Specs

Rotary RF Welder

Rotary Indexer

Seal Area

1st Station

RF Welding Press

Rf Generator 

2nd Station

Print Press

Heat Source

Print Process Control

Print Media


Safety Compliance


Air Pressure

Air Use @ 10 c/m

Shipping Weight

Surface Finish


Dual Function RF Weld

4 position x 60" dial 

15" x 20"

 RF Seal Station

6" air cylinder

Hybrid 6-8KW

Print Station

6" air cylinder

Cartridge Heaters

Temperature Controller

Cliche with Ink Ribbon


ISO 13849

 3Ph, 208 VAC, 30-60Amps


28SCFM @10c/m


RAL - 7035

UL or CE Upon Request 

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RF Welding Process Control

Easy - Reliable - Streight Forward.

ONEX RF has developed process control, which makes process validation easy and repeatable.

The closed-loop process control, real-time seal-process monitoring with data logging, helps you set process parameters and achieve acceptable quality seals in a matter of minutes. The hybrid generator uses an AGC to maintain exact RF power at all times, which eliminates process variations during validation.


RF Welder Process Control Screens

RF Welding Process Control Screens.png

  •     Main Screen
  •     Recipe Screen
  •     Die Setup Screen
  •  Manual Verification Screen
  •  Engineering Setup Screen
  •  System Screen

ONEX RF uses Allen Bradley PLC and PC based 12"  HMI to control the RF Welding Machines.
We have designed our systems for ease of use and validation to comply FDA requirements.
We offer validation support, including FAT & Installation Qualification documentation.

Process Monitoring

rf welding process monitoring graph


The PC based HMI software can monitor the RF welding process and record each cycle. Read More


RF Seal and Print Applications on RFPS-Roto-4-X2

RF Sealed Urinary Collection Bag
Blood Bag 3.png

RF Sealing a collection bag and Printing Liquid Gradients on the top layer

The RF sealing of the bag takes place in the 1st station, the inlet and outlet ports were RF sealed in the 1st cycle and the perimeter RF seal in the second. After completing the RF sealing cycle the dial indexes and the print press extends down to transfer the ink from the blue ink ribbon onto the bag top layer. The print cliche is mounted onto the 275°F heated upper platen. The center of the die has special support plate to make sure the ink is distributed evenly on the bag surface.  


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