RF Welders and Catheter Tipping Systems


RF Sealer with Die Cutting Station

Dual Function RF Sealing System

Dual Function Rotary RF Sealer

RF Seal & Die Cut Infusion Bags

RF Sealed Collection Bag RF Sealed Urine Collection Bag Leg Wrapped RF Sealed Collection Bag RF Sealed Collection Bag
The Dual Function Rotary RF Sealer is Designed for Sealing Medical Bags, and Die Cut the perimeter of the bag after the RF Seal Cycle

RF Seal Station

RF Sealer Model #

Number of Stations

Station Functions

RF Sealer Dial Diameter

Indexer Nest options

RF Seal Area

RF Sealing Press Force

RF Sealer Power

RF Generator Duty Cycle

Power Control

EMI / RFI Safety

RF Sealer Safety

Shipping weight

Frame Surface Finish

Power Requirements

Required Air Pressure



Rotary Style RF Sealer


2 or 3 Dual Function 

RF Seal and Die Cut



20" x 24"

2000lb / 6" bore cylinder

6, 8, 10KW

100% at full power

Closed Loop Auto Tuner

Aluminum Panels

 ISO 13849 and OSHA


RAL - 7035 (powder coat)

3Ph, 208 VAC, 30-60Amps

80psi, 28SCFM @10c/m


UL or CE Upon Request

The RF Sealer in the picture was used for RF welding blood warmer bags or RF sealing TPU film pouches and die cut the perimeter in the second station. The product is remove completly sealed & cut, ready for other operations.

RF Sealing Ports & Perimeter - the RF seal station uses hybrid RF generator and port sealing switch. The RF energy is perfectly tuned to seal the ports and perimeter in 2 cycles. We guaranty above 99% OEE when RF sealing the ports using ONEX clamp mechanism.

Perimeter Die Cutting - The 10 or 20T die cutting cylinder is set to cut the perimeter for TPU pouches or shapes on the RF sealed infusion warmer bag. EVA pouches can also be Die Cut after the RF welding station.

Process Control - PC Based HMI software comes with process monitoring and recording software for validation and SPC.