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Single Shuttle Welders

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Low Volume RF Sealing Solutions: The Single Shuttle RF Sealers
Perfect for New Startups or Lab Environments to Seal Products or Test Materials



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ONEX Dual Shuttle RF Sealing Machines Come in One Style

Single Shuttle RF Welding equipments usually are Front to Back and require 1 operator to run the system. 

Single Shuttle RF Sealers come in 3 sizes:

Small RF-Shuttle-S1 10 x 20" Seal Area
Medium RF-Shuttle-M1 20 x 30" Seal Area
X-Large RF-Shuttle-XL1 20 x 60" Seal Area

ONEX RF Dual Shuttle Line Premium Features:

No Operational Experience Required - the Dual Shuttle Line is very simple to operate. It was designed to get an operator up and running within hours of delivery. ONEX onboarding team trains end users to safely use and operate the sealer.

Heat Sealing Die Option - the Dual Shuttle Line comes with a heat sealing option which allows the die to be used as a heat sealer. 

Time & Energy Efficiency - ONEX RF Machines have a built in Match Network which automatically tunes and optimizes electrical output. No manual adjustments are required. Our customers have reported over 25-50% energy efficiency over the life of their machines. 

Fast & Easy Setup - Unique Seal Station design allows for easy access to the back of the press to address alignment issues, maintenance, or die changeovers. Process parameters, including validation limits, are stored in the HMI Recipe Screen upon startup to ensure ZERO operator error.

Small Single Shuttle RF Sealer

Small Single Shuttle RF Sealer


This RF sealer is an excellent for R&D lab applications. The machine was specifically designed for sealing ports on pressure cuffs, medical pouches or testing sealiability on new medical materials, comes with heat sealing option.

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Medium High Frequency Single Shuttle Welder

HF Sealing Machine


The perfect HF welding system for small production runs. Mid size, single shuttle design lets you achive greater consistency every seal cycle.

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RF-Shuttle S-2KW RF-Shuttle M-4KW RF-Shuttle L-8KW
Shuttle Size Small Shuttle
10x20 seal area
Medium Shuttle
20x30 seal area
Large Shuttle
15x60 seal area
Shuttle Motion
Air Slide // Manual Air Slide // Manual Air Slide // Manual
Press Type 4 Column 4 Column 4 Column
Press Cylinder Servo Air / 4" bore Servo Air / 6” bore Servo Air / Two 6” bore
Press Force 1000lb 2000lb 4000lb
Genertor Type Solid-State 2-4kW 4-8kW 8-15KW
Frequency 27.12MHz ±0.1% 27.12MHz ±0.1% 27.12MHz ±0.1%

Auto Tuner

Rated up to 4KW Rated up to 4KW Rated up to 8KW
Arc Shut Down Yes Yes Yes
RF Switch Optional Optional Optional
PLC Allen Bradley CompactLogix Allen Bradley CompactLogix Allen Bradley CompactLogix
HMI Allen Bradley PC Touch Screen Allen Bradley PC / Touch Screen Allen Bradley PC / Touch Screen
Safety meets Class IV
ISO 13849-1
Class IV
ISO 13849-1
Class IV
ISO 13849-1
RFI/EMI Shielded & Grounded Shielded & Grounded Shielded & Grounded
Optional Cert. UL or CE UL or CE UL or CE
Machine Size W36 x D42 x H84" W46 x D48 x H84" W76 x D42 x H84"
Weight 1500lb 3000lb 6000lb
Power 3ph. 208VAC, 30A 3ph. 208VAC, 40A 3ph. 208VAC, 60A
Generator Chiller No Yes
1Ph. 230 VAC, 11A
1Ph. 230 VAC, 11A
Upper Platen
Thermal control
1Ph. 230 VAC, 11A
1Ph. 230 VAC, 11A
1Ph. 230 VAC, 11A