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RF SEALER for RF Sealing Solution Bags, Air Bladders and Biotech Pouches


The mid-size RF sealer with 20"x30" seal area, was developed for RF Sealing blood bags and air bladders. The seal station is used in the Galaxy line as standalone seal staiton. Read more about the RF Sealing applications below...


RF medical IV Bag IV Bag
RF Sealer Uses

The mid-size RF sealer is a nicely designed equipment for small production runs. You can easily seal up to 4 8"x12"  solution bags with ports using 8KW Hybrid generator. The 12" touch screen HMI comes with user friendly interface to change process parameters and monitor RF sealing cycle.

  • Easy to setup
  • Safe to operate

The RF Sealer uses closed loop process control to achieve consistent results in RF sealed products.

RF Sealer Specs

RF Seal Station

Seal Area

RF Energy


Process Control



EMI/RFI safety meets


Air Pressure

Air Use @ 10 c/m

Pressing Force

Shipping Weight




20" x 30"



Auto Tuner

Allen Bradley & ONEX

ISO 13849 / Class IV

OSHA and VDE 0848

220-480VAC / 3Ph / 50 - 60Hz

80 PSI





UL or CE (Per Request)

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RF Welding Process Control

Easy - Reliable - Streight Forward.

ONEX RF has developed process control, which makes process validation easy and repeatable.

The closed-loop process control, real-time seal-process monitoring with data logging, helps you set process parameters and achieve acceptable quality seals in a matter of minutes. The hybrid generator uses an AGC to maintain exact RF power at all times, which eliminates process variations during validation.


RF Welder Process Control Screens

RF Welding Process Control Screens.png

  •     Main Screen
  •     Recipe Screen
  •     Die Setup Screen
  •  Manual Verification Screen
  •  Engineering Setup Screen
  •  System Screen

ONEX RF uses Allen Bradley PLC and PC based 12"  HMI to control the RF Welding Machines.
We have designed our systems for ease of use and validation to comply FDA requirements.
We offer validation support, including FAT & Installation Qualification documentation.

Process Monitoring

rf welding process monitoring graph


The PC based HMI software can monitor the RF welding process and record each cycle. Read More


RF Sealing Applications on the RF-Shuttle-M1

IV Bag
urine bag

RF Sealing PVC Solution Bags with Ports

The solutions bags can be sealed 2-4 up configuration on the mid size RF sealing system. The RF-Shuttle-M1 is great platform for fast setup and production runs. The RF Sealer comes with dual cycle RF-Switch to seal the ports then perimeter in a fast sealing cycle. ONEX RF always supports customers in design of the RF sealing dies and creating the RF sealing process parameters.

blood bag
RF medical

RF Sealing EVA Blood Collection or Heat Exchanger Bags

We have achieved great RF sealing results with EVA materials, sealing blood collection bags. Also we have provided turnkey solutions for sealing, heat exchanger bag for blood using 5 mill thick PVC materials. ONEX RF Hybrid generators have excellent process control when RF sealing all kinds of materials. The mid-size RF sealer operates seamlessly, perfectly sealing every time with consistent seal quality. We have achieve 99.9% zero port leaks due to the perfect ONEX die quality and sealer alignment.

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