RF Welding Systems with Superior Process Control


Small RF Sealer

RF Shuttle

Small Shuttle 10" x 20"

  • Designed for sealing small medical products: ports and flanges onto pressure cuffs. solution bags, safety vests and orthopedic products.

  • Seal your ports or Freezing Bags on a small RF Sealer with precise process control.

  • For R&D and Lab applications the RF Sealer comes with optional Heat Sealing controls. 
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RF Welding machine

Mid-Size RF Sealer

RF Shuttle

Medium Shuttle 20" x 30"

  • Energy efficient Closed Loop Process Control.

  • Highest EMI/RFI safety standards with 50% less RF emission.
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Large RF Sealer

RF Shuttle

Large Shuttle 20" x 60"

  • It's very easy to validate an ONEX RF Sealer.

  • The equipment is ideal for pressure cuffs, pouches, safety vests, orthopedic products.

  • PC based process control and Hybrid RF generator technology.

  • ONEX RF provides fully functional solutions and process development for customers new to the RF sealing technology. 
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